A Sunny Hello from Pizza

2015-06-15 20:00:26 by Pizzamakesgames

Hey, it's me, Pizza. Just wanted to thank everybody for enjoying my game. So many views and plays and stuff, that's like part of the dream already come true. Considering news, Skullz 2 is not forgotten, not at all. All other game projects should be finished within a couple weeks. After that there's nothing keeping me from working on the sequel in full scale. Until then you may get your free downloadable PC version over here if you'd like: http://pizzamakesgames.itch.io/skullz

Once the Skullz 2 updates will be rolling out, I'll make sure you're gonna know, no matter where, if at all, you decided to follow me or Skullz. Until then, stay tuned for the other games coming out just prior to any of that.

You all rock, stay tuned!

(Image courtesy of Mrs. Pizzamakesgames)


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