Announcing Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place on Indies VS Gamers 2084!

2015-07-22 12:29:31 by Pizzamakesgames


Play the game here!

With all the recognition you guys have given Indies VS Gamers 2084, I wanna give something back to the community, and with the arcade theme and highscores going on, what better way to do that but give out prizes for the champions like back in the eighties! Here goes nothing!

First place in Indies VS Gamers 2084, by the end of the jam, will get one of these stylish pizza shirts, designed by yours truly: Click me!

Second place will get a choice between a throw pillow or tote bag, with main bad guy Lainwright printed right on it: Throw Pillow OR Tote Bag

Third place will get two items, even! Two big sticker packs with all your favourite IVSG2K84 characters: Sticker Pack 1 AND Sticker Pack 2

Now is that something or what? All I ask in return is a vote, maybe a tweet or a share. A comment? Whatever you want! Make some noise and let's have a blast!

Details: I'll be checking the leaderboards in the final hours and minutes of the jam and contact the top three finalists by whichever way they've made available through Game Jolt. Then, all I need from you is your contact address, prefered size, style, color or whatever else applies to your prize. Shortly after, your shirt, pillow, bag or stickers will be on their way to you ASAP. Everything will ship world-wide, free of charge!


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